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Friday, January 28, 2011

Give A Single Girl a Break Already

My dear facebook friends may find this somewhat familiar:

"Valentines Day advertisments, common give a single girl a break already." 26th Jan 2011 8:36am

Yes I am a young mother with a child but sometimes the consistancy of ones schedule does not distract from the single most romantic day of the year. Oh please! Do I have to hear about it?

Everyday I am reminded that I am single. I am not complaining about that - well just yet anyway. The pangs grab at the heart strings every Thursday night at about 1030pm when Im lying in bed trying to dose off and the neighbours start taking their bins to the footpath... "Doh! I've forgotten them again!" I jump up out of bed fumble for shoes, grab the rubbish, unlock the doors and trudge rather conspicuously (and how could you not) to the footpath with my extra loud wheelie bins. I loathe taking out the bins. It was never a chore I volunteered when I wasn't single.

All this week William and I have been down with the flu. I've been diagnosed by a male friend with the "girl flu" as opposed to the "man flu" that he contracted a few weeks back and I have at times lived up to having the "girl flu". Lying on the lounge all day, texting and facebooking friends in between visits to the bathroom and tending to my ill little mite, boredom and self pity often reared its ugly head.

"I'm bored... I'm tired... I'm sick... I miss you... I want a cuddle... You live too far away... When can you come and visit?... I'm being a sook... Can you talk to me for a little while longer?... Call me... What are you doing now?... and now? "

A confident and otherwise competent young woman was brought to her knees by the "girl flu" and the need to depend on someone else was almost at a peak. And then come the advertisement.... "Lovers and romantics, come and have your candlelit dinner..." BLAH Blah. I don't really know how it went- I tuned out. But if you have single friends out there this Valentines Day, please be considerate of them. It is a lonely dull and sometimes sad day of the year, where the need for a life partner or even a little excitement in ones life is often under the spotlight...

Don't worry about me though, I'll be fine. I'm over my weak moment and the "girl flu" is subsiding. My Valentines Day will be filled with William, the Love of my Life and I wont even notice the day tick over... (stop sniggering, I'm allowed to think Positive!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Aussie Day Everyone!

My day began with a wake up call from Will, “Mumma!” He was standing at the baby security gate holding bear and his dummy (affectionately called Num-num). “Num-num, Bear. Num-num, Bear!” His unique way of saying he wants to jump into Mummy’s bed.
“Happy Australia Day my beautiful little Tacka!” I tell him as I lift him over my head and tackle him with plenty of giggles down onto the big bed. “What are we going to do today? Lets go and get you decked out.” I dress Will in Green and Gold in the hope to find some cheap and tacky Aussie merchandise at the shops so my little boy can be a walking patriotic mascot- at least for a day!

As it happens I left my run a little late. Yesterday we were both down for a day with a tummy bug and didn't venture off our respective sofas. Today I tried all the major outlets, children's stores and junk shops. Nothing. What I was faced with at every shop was hordes of shoppers decked from head to toe in Aussie Day merchandise. When I was young I used to think it was tacky. This year I beamed with pride.

Aussies are a unique bunch of people. We are hard when we need to be and soft enough to appreciate the small things. We have a collective sense of humour unlike any other. We have a spirit within us that enables us to stand with pride and say “She'll be right mate,” But accept help from our friends at the same time. I am so proud of our country today. I am so proud to be Australian and when I look down at my little boy and his big grin I am proud to be raising my own little Aussie.


Happy Australia Day!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It must be Quicky Thursday!!!

Just a follow up on on my previous blog post, "Sometimes I Wonder Should I Really Teach Him That". Today When I was picking Will up from daycare he found a naked male baby doll.
"Mumma, Mumma!" He grabbed my shirt and pulled me over to where the doll was laying in the playground. "Doodle!"
"Yes honey, the bubby has a doodle."
"Doodle, doodle, DOOdle, DOODLE!" He started shouting at the top of his voice.

"Well he's good with his anatomy!" His carer tells me with a huge smirk.
"My best friend told me I'd have issues with him yelling this out at day care." I tell her.
"Don't worry all the little girls were looking at it and didn't know what it was but William put them straight and told them what they were looking at!"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Am I Really Wearing Pants?

I cant sleep so I resort to my computer....
I turn it on and there on the screen in front of me is the desktop background picture of a group of people in my courtyard. The group consists of 6 adults and 6 children including Will. They are all happy and smiling back at me as I snap pics on the camera trying to capture the special memory of the day they changed my life.

My alarm clock was set for 730 but once again Will preceded it and today I didn't mind. I was waking up after a very late night/early morning drinking wine and gossiping with a good friend. I was still a bit buzzed from my great night, but wary that the 3 bottles we shared might have in some way altered my ability to get up. 745Am I was out of bed and playing with William in his room. I took off his soiled nappy to find a sore angry rash and jumped in the shower while he laughed naked at me through the screen. My phone rang as I washed shampoo out of my hair and again a second time as I just finished with the conditioner. I jumped out and returned my dad's calls promptly. I assured him I would feed the dog while he was away for the weekend and dimly heard a knocking from downstairs. Its too early for Toni my neighbour with the playdate arrangements, surely I'm hearing things. Knock, Knock, knock! I wasn't hearing things.

Hair matted and dripping wet, I stumble quickly over the obstacles, re-assess the towel I'm barely wearing and looking precariously over the balcony. “Hello?” My visitor takes a few steps back and looks up at me laughing hysterically.
“Oh, I've gotten you out of the shower!" She laughs.
“I'll be right down Lyn!” I didn’t know that a few short hours later I would be taking a picture in the courtyard with that same smile beaming back at me.
I throw on a bra and shirt and a pair of shorts. No time for knickers or a comb through the hair. I scoop up Will who’s wearing a T-shirt and nothing else. His nudey run in full swing!

I open up the door to that big bright smile and a “I'm here today because I have a team of people with me and we're going to backyard blitz your yard...”
      Is she for real!
      Is this a joke!
      Am I on camera?
      Don't cry!
      I've been set up!
      How many people are there?
      I haven’t done my hair!
      Will's doodle is hanging out from under his shirt!
      Why didn’t I put pants on Will?
      Am I wearing pants?

I check to make sure I wearing pants about the same time that I decide Lyn is definitely serious. A thousand things run through my head. Don't cry, don't cry, don’t cry! How big is a “team” of people? Pants woman, pants!

Ten minutes later its full-steam ahead. Weeds are being pulled, leaves swept into piles and taken to the green waste. 15 minutes and the leaf blower is out, the courtyard is almost empty. The high pressure water hose is next. Then as if by army, person after person begin to carry in the tools of the makeover. Planter boxes, a sandpit for Will, bags of soil, fertiliser, sand and mulch, a two seater table and chairs set, watering can, hose, herbs, tomato plants and strawberries...

Sometimes I still check to see if I’m not wearing pants and it was in fact all a dream. I never believed that things like that would ever happen to someone like me. The overwhelming sense of gratitude towards my friends and all the effort that went in behind the scenes is just incredible. Today I went to Lyn and Scott's church, the place where it all began. Last Sunday, Scott put the call out for my cause and everyone chipped in to donate their time, money, prayers and possessions. Many of these people I had never met and I'm sure there are some that I still haven't. I stood in front of the congregation and tried to express just how special their “Random Act of Kindness” was to William and I. I said a few words and stumbled over others but I don’t know if anyone will truly know how much yesterday actually meant to me. I cant help but think: This is what it's all about!

This is what Christianity and Community should be about and I am the blessed person on the receiving end. How do you repay such a kindness and express such a gratitude?

Well until I think of something better my answer will just have to be that William loves his sandpit and his new- beaut yard that he can actually ride his trike around in. In his own unique way he appreciates what others have done for him. I sit at my new table and grin at my new plants and feel the outdoors seeping into my skin while I watch Will smile and squeal with delight. Its already changing our lifestyle and I’ve got my very own heroes to thank!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder Should I Really Teach Him That

As a first time mother of a cheeky boy from a cheeky mother (did you get that??)... I get such delight teaching William so many bold and forward “tricks”. I know that he's not a performing seal, but when he's about to do something audacious he pauses and looks around engaging his audience for maximum impact. How on earth do children learn such traits... (Stop pointing at me!).

I am a very proud mother and when Will warms up his audience I cant help but be drawn in with the rest of the crowd. We're currently working on a “body builder” routine. Mum, (that’s me) kicks it off: “Will show us your guns!” And William promptly and rigidly pumps his fist in the air trying to bulge out his biceps and includes one of his famous effort grunts for maximum attention.
“Rahhhh” I continue showing him how to go to the next pose, “The Crab,” by bending at the waist, arms down and slightly bent, pumping his fists and hands almost together in front of his waist. All the time my dad is hysterical with laughter!!!

My dad, however, does not get let off the hook either! My dad is a committee member/volunteer/frequent patron to the local Bowling Club, (i.e. Club containing oldies in whites on immaculate green grass rolling black 'bowls'- not 'balls' - to a tiny white 'jack'. It does not include ten pins!). Will knows all the regular members and walks in giving everyone 'High fives' until he reaches our regular table; or if Dad is working he runs from the car, through the carpark, around a corner, up a ramp through the lobby to the office where my dad works and perches himself up at the computer. 'Click click click!' He knows how to use the computer mouse too. He clinks glasses, calls out “cheers” and puts his drink back down on a coaster. Will knows how to get past the TAB counter and through the auditorium to the snooker room at the back of the club.

My personal favourite and funniest 'learning experience' for my poor little William (if I'm allowed to call it that) has been the body building poses but my proudest is our car dancing. I'm coming out of the closet when I tell you all, (my thousands of followers *snort*), that I'm a huge car dancing/singing addict. This addiction has come from my inability to dance on my two left feet and sadly my tone deaf affliction that I was diagnosed with at birth! To compensate for these unfortunate disabilities I have learnt to dance and sing loudly behind the wheel and since William is almost always my passenger, he comes along for the ride.

Shortly before Christmas I was pumping out the Powderfinger hit 'Burn Your Name' and driving around town with the windows down, sun pouring in, wind in our hair. I feel like sighing and kicking back at the thought! Will's ringlets are getting longer and the wind almost always blows his hair into his eyes and he puts his hand on his head as a counteraction. I was in the middle of a dance action I like to call “boxing shoulders” inspired from a step in Zumba. My shoulders were going from side to side and my free arm was up in front of my body in a kind of defensive move that a boxer might use. “I want every single soul to know,” Im warbling full of enthuasium. I check in the review mirror to see if Will is holding onto his hair. Instead I see a little face full with smiles and hands out in front doing rolly-polly's with his wrists and bopping up and down to the beat... “That I love you for what you are” I try to sing in an uneven tone. Will catches me watching him in the rear view mirror and flashes a big smile that I interpret as: “look Mummy I can car dance too!”. Ever since then I notice if I sing loudly enough the bopping and hand actions return with as much enthusiasm as I give it myself!

My little boy flexes his guns, clinks glasses in a toast and car dances with Mummy and I couldnt be prouder.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Due to popular demand, The Little Boy With The Blue Bear will be returning to regular post from the 7th January. Thank you to all my Follower and readers and a Happy New Year to you all.