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Friday, October 22, 2010

Everyone Likes A Good Fart Joke!

Yes I am Going There...!

"Did you Fart?"
"I can see the Bubbles!"

How does a seventeen month old, who cant speak learn to tell a good fart joke? I'm puzzled.
Every adult gets to stop taking themselves so seriously when someone “lets one fly”. Its a moment when our bodily functions bring attention to ourselves and humour is often the easiest way to deal with the embarrassment.

William has always brought a lot of attention to himself when he farts. The sound his bowels produces could be compared to a fully grown man and have done since he was born. The only thing that is different these days is that he puts a little bit more effort in to play up to his audience. After the moment of impact, he turns around cheekily and throws his head back to laugh.

That's how a 17 month old tells a fart joke.

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1 Funky Woman said...

Oh too funny! I'd love to see his face while he did that!

Glad to follow, cute blog!

Can't believe Halloween isn't as crazy as it is here. I myself am a huge Halloween Fan! In fact it is my favorite holiday and we go all out. Lots of pics in my blog of our house all decorated. We just had a huge bash this weekend and still working on getting the pictures loaded.

Take care, and great to have you!