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Friday, January 28, 2011

Give A Single Girl a Break Already

My dear facebook friends may find this somewhat familiar:

"Valentines Day advertisments, common give a single girl a break already." 26th Jan 2011 8:36am

Yes I am a young mother with a child but sometimes the consistancy of ones schedule does not distract from the single most romantic day of the year. Oh please! Do I have to hear about it?

Everyday I am reminded that I am single. I am not complaining about that - well just yet anyway. The pangs grab at the heart strings every Thursday night at about 1030pm when Im lying in bed trying to dose off and the neighbours start taking their bins to the footpath... "Doh! I've forgotten them again!" I jump up out of bed fumble for shoes, grab the rubbish, unlock the doors and trudge rather conspicuously (and how could you not) to the footpath with my extra loud wheelie bins. I loathe taking out the bins. It was never a chore I volunteered when I wasn't single.

All this week William and I have been down with the flu. I've been diagnosed by a male friend with the "girl flu" as opposed to the "man flu" that he contracted a few weeks back and I have at times lived up to having the "girl flu". Lying on the lounge all day, texting and facebooking friends in between visits to the bathroom and tending to my ill little mite, boredom and self pity often reared its ugly head.

"I'm bored... I'm tired... I'm sick... I miss you... I want a cuddle... You live too far away... When can you come and visit?... I'm being a sook... Can you talk to me for a little while longer?... Call me... What are you doing now?... and now? "

A confident and otherwise competent young woman was brought to her knees by the "girl flu" and the need to depend on someone else was almost at a peak. And then come the advertisement.... "Lovers and romantics, come and have your candlelit dinner..." BLAH Blah. I don't really know how it went- I tuned out. But if you have single friends out there this Valentines Day, please be considerate of them. It is a lonely dull and sometimes sad day of the year, where the need for a life partner or even a little excitement in ones life is often under the spotlight...

Don't worry about me though, I'll be fine. I'm over my weak moment and the "girl flu" is subsiding. My Valentines Day will be filled with William, the Love of my Life and I wont even notice the day tick over... (stop sniggering, I'm allowed to think Positive!)

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Laci @ Diary of Me Blog said...

I think what you have might be considered the "mom flu" all of the common symptoms of the "girl flu" with the added symptoms of taking care of a child and/or children, feeding, bathing, etc. Extreme cases of "mom flu" is when a child and/or children are also sick. Hope you get to feeling better!! Best Wishes!