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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder Should I Really Teach Him That

As a first time mother of a cheeky boy from a cheeky mother (did you get that??)... I get such delight teaching William so many bold and forward “tricks”. I know that he's not a performing seal, but when he's about to do something audacious he pauses and looks around engaging his audience for maximum impact. How on earth do children learn such traits... (Stop pointing at me!).

I am a very proud mother and when Will warms up his audience I cant help but be drawn in with the rest of the crowd. We're currently working on a “body builder” routine. Mum, (that’s me) kicks it off: “Will show us your guns!” And William promptly and rigidly pumps his fist in the air trying to bulge out his biceps and includes one of his famous effort grunts for maximum attention.
“Rahhhh” I continue showing him how to go to the next pose, “The Crab,” by bending at the waist, arms down and slightly bent, pumping his fists and hands almost together in front of his waist. All the time my dad is hysterical with laughter!!!

My dad, however, does not get let off the hook either! My dad is a committee member/volunteer/frequent patron to the local Bowling Club, (i.e. Club containing oldies in whites on immaculate green grass rolling black 'bowls'- not 'balls' - to a tiny white 'jack'. It does not include ten pins!). Will knows all the regular members and walks in giving everyone 'High fives' until he reaches our regular table; or if Dad is working he runs from the car, through the carpark, around a corner, up a ramp through the lobby to the office where my dad works and perches himself up at the computer. 'Click click click!' He knows how to use the computer mouse too. He clinks glasses, calls out “cheers” and puts his drink back down on a coaster. Will knows how to get past the TAB counter and through the auditorium to the snooker room at the back of the club.

My personal favourite and funniest 'learning experience' for my poor little William (if I'm allowed to call it that) has been the body building poses but my proudest is our car dancing. I'm coming out of the closet when I tell you all, (my thousands of followers *snort*), that I'm a huge car dancing/singing addict. This addiction has come from my inability to dance on my two left feet and sadly my tone deaf affliction that I was diagnosed with at birth! To compensate for these unfortunate disabilities I have learnt to dance and sing loudly behind the wheel and since William is almost always my passenger, he comes along for the ride.

Shortly before Christmas I was pumping out the Powderfinger hit 'Burn Your Name' and driving around town with the windows down, sun pouring in, wind in our hair. I feel like sighing and kicking back at the thought! Will's ringlets are getting longer and the wind almost always blows his hair into his eyes and he puts his hand on his head as a counteraction. I was in the middle of a dance action I like to call “boxing shoulders” inspired from a step in Zumba. My shoulders were going from side to side and my free arm was up in front of my body in a kind of defensive move that a boxer might use. “I want every single soul to know,” Im warbling full of enthuasium. I check in the review mirror to see if Will is holding onto his hair. Instead I see a little face full with smiles and hands out in front doing rolly-polly's with his wrists and bopping up and down to the beat... “That I love you for what you are” I try to sing in an uneven tone. Will catches me watching him in the rear view mirror and flashes a big smile that I interpret as: “look Mummy I can car dance too!”. Ever since then I notice if I sing loudly enough the bopping and hand actions return with as much enthusiasm as I give it myself!

My little boy flexes his guns, clinks glasses in a toast and car dances with Mummy and I couldnt be prouder.

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DPhenom said...

benji will play air guitar/drums in the backseat all the time, much cuteness