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Monday, January 17, 2011

Am I Really Wearing Pants?

I cant sleep so I resort to my computer....
I turn it on and there on the screen in front of me is the desktop background picture of a group of people in my courtyard. The group consists of 6 adults and 6 children including Will. They are all happy and smiling back at me as I snap pics on the camera trying to capture the special memory of the day they changed my life.

My alarm clock was set for 730 but once again Will preceded it and today I didn't mind. I was waking up after a very late night/early morning drinking wine and gossiping with a good friend. I was still a bit buzzed from my great night, but wary that the 3 bottles we shared might have in some way altered my ability to get up. 745Am I was out of bed and playing with William in his room. I took off his soiled nappy to find a sore angry rash and jumped in the shower while he laughed naked at me through the screen. My phone rang as I washed shampoo out of my hair and again a second time as I just finished with the conditioner. I jumped out and returned my dad's calls promptly. I assured him I would feed the dog while he was away for the weekend and dimly heard a knocking from downstairs. Its too early for Toni my neighbour with the playdate arrangements, surely I'm hearing things. Knock, Knock, knock! I wasn't hearing things.

Hair matted and dripping wet, I stumble quickly over the obstacles, re-assess the towel I'm barely wearing and looking precariously over the balcony. “Hello?” My visitor takes a few steps back and looks up at me laughing hysterically.
“Oh, I've gotten you out of the shower!" She laughs.
“I'll be right down Lyn!” I didn’t know that a few short hours later I would be taking a picture in the courtyard with that same smile beaming back at me.
I throw on a bra and shirt and a pair of shorts. No time for knickers or a comb through the hair. I scoop up Will who’s wearing a T-shirt and nothing else. His nudey run in full swing!

I open up the door to that big bright smile and a “I'm here today because I have a team of people with me and we're going to backyard blitz your yard...”
      Is she for real!
      Is this a joke!
      Am I on camera?
      Don't cry!
      I've been set up!
      How many people are there?
      I haven’t done my hair!
      Will's doodle is hanging out from under his shirt!
      Why didn’t I put pants on Will?
      Am I wearing pants?

I check to make sure I wearing pants about the same time that I decide Lyn is definitely serious. A thousand things run through my head. Don't cry, don't cry, don’t cry! How big is a “team” of people? Pants woman, pants!

Ten minutes later its full-steam ahead. Weeds are being pulled, leaves swept into piles and taken to the green waste. 15 minutes and the leaf blower is out, the courtyard is almost empty. The high pressure water hose is next. Then as if by army, person after person begin to carry in the tools of the makeover. Planter boxes, a sandpit for Will, bags of soil, fertiliser, sand and mulch, a two seater table and chairs set, watering can, hose, herbs, tomato plants and strawberries...

Sometimes I still check to see if I’m not wearing pants and it was in fact all a dream. I never believed that things like that would ever happen to someone like me. The overwhelming sense of gratitude towards my friends and all the effort that went in behind the scenes is just incredible. Today I went to Lyn and Scott's church, the place where it all began. Last Sunday, Scott put the call out for my cause and everyone chipped in to donate their time, money, prayers and possessions. Many of these people I had never met and I'm sure there are some that I still haven't. I stood in front of the congregation and tried to express just how special their “Random Act of Kindness” was to William and I. I said a few words and stumbled over others but I don’t know if anyone will truly know how much yesterday actually meant to me. I cant help but think: This is what it's all about!

This is what Christianity and Community should be about and I am the blessed person on the receiving end. How do you repay such a kindness and express such a gratitude?

Well until I think of something better my answer will just have to be that William loves his sandpit and his new- beaut yard that he can actually ride his trike around in. In his own unique way he appreciates what others have done for him. I sit at my new table and grin at my new plants and feel the outdoors seeping into my skin while I watch Will smile and squeal with delight. Its already changing our lifestyle and I’ve got my very own heroes to thank!


Karen Martin Sampson said...

What a very special story! It is wonderful and reassuring to know that friends will be there for you. Enjoy that beautiful new outdoor space, you and Will!

mimagirlcreations said...

Oh my! No pants!!! Hehe, no-one noticed ;). It was our pleasure to be able to do that for you and Will. That is exactly what it's all about and I'm so glad to have met you both. Enjoy your little space xxx

Kat said...

Thanks Karen and Lyn. We are loving our outdoor space. I did have underwear on before everyone arrived... it was just the shock of my surprise that i kept thinking I wasnt dressed properly! LOL. Fantastic day, a gift that keeps on giving!